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Frequently Asked Questions
About Belgian Blue Beef
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Q: How is Belgian Blue Beef compared to other types of meat?


  Certified Belgian Blue Beef (ribeye) USDA Average Beef (choice) USDA Average Chicken Breast (Boneless, Skinless)
Moisture(g) 59.85 51.83 58.68
Protein (g) 17.95 15.38 17.85
Fat (g) 5.13 16.37 7.65
Cholesterol (mg) 38.47 55.30 54.42

Source: USDA and independent laboratory testing


Q: How do I cook Belgian Blue Beef?

A: DO NOT OVERCOOK! Special care must be taken when cooking Belgian Blue Beef, it cooks faster than traditional beef due to the low fat content. For years you've heard that red meat must be marbled to be tender. You can now enjoy lean, tender red meat without the health risk of fat cover or marbling found in supermarket-grade beef and get nutritious benefits you thought you could find only in skinless chicken.

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Q: Why Belgian Blue Beef?

Belgian Blue Beef CattleA: Belgian Blue Cattle were selected for their natural leanness and fine muscle fiber, which makes the meat healthful and tender.

Since Belgian Blue Beef is so lean, you're not cooking fat. It cooks more quickly and you can use a lower temperature. We recommend cooking your desired cut to a doness of rare to medium for optimum quality.

Belle Brook Farms Natural Beef Steaks have less fat and cholesterol than chicken breasts.

All of our Belgian Blue ground Beef and patties are at least 90% FAT FREE.

At weaning age, our cattle free-range graze until they are placed on full-feed and fed only natural grains. No animal by-products, antibiotics, or artificial growth hormones are used at any time.

Q: How does Belgian Blue Beef rate with the USDA Industry Standards?

A: In an extensive 3 year test, done by the USDA at the Meat Animal Research Center at Clay Center, Nebraska, the Belgian Blue crossbred cattle were tested with the industry standard Warner-Brazner shear test for tenderness. The Belgian Blue cattle had a lower shear value than the Hereford-Angus contemporary average, 12.8 vs. 12.9, with comparable tenderness and flavor on the sensory panel. The Belgian Blue cattle also exhibited less that half the fat cover, .21 inch cover vs. .45 inch cover, a 53% reduction! With the industry talking about going to a .25 inch trim, this shows the Belgian Blue to be on line for the new standards. Remember, it takes time and wastes pounds of purchased product to remove fat.

The Belgian Blue also showed 16% less marbling and 14.2% more ribeye area than the average carcass.


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