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Our Family
Our family roots go back to the tall pine trees of Arkansas. Lured by the lush timberlands of East Texas, the family migrated to Texas. Sawmilling was a family operation for many years, but C.S. Jones had an entrepreneurial spirit that gave him the optimism to venture into dairy farming in East Texas, peanut farming in North Texas and Oklahoma, oil wildcatting in West Texas and ranching in the Hill Country of Southwest Texas. No matter what the activity or degree of success,the guiding motive behind his business dealings was to treat his fellow man fairly and with respect. Personal integrity was high on his list of priorities. His family continues to operate with the same ideals. Since our heritage demands that we produce the best product possible, our customers may be assured of the highest quality beef and exceptional service.

Through teamwork and excellence for more than seven decades the Jones family has been committed to treating your family like ours.

Integrity & Quality You Can Count On
The Jones Family

Belgian Blue Cattle
Belgian Blue cattle were selected for their natural leanness and fine muscle fiber, which makes the meat healthful and tender.

Belgian Blue Beef CattleAt Belle Brook Farms we take great care to give our cattle the best treatment available. We grow beef the old-fashioned way. No growth hormones or antibiotics are ever used in the feeding process. After the cattle enter our program, they free-range graze until they are placed on full-feed for 120 days (only our cattle are there). They are given ample room to roam and eat free-choice in the great outdoors of Texas.

We mix our all natural grain daily to exact specifications. No mold inhibitors, rodent repellents or animal by-products are allowed, thus assuring the best feeds possible.

If an animal becomes ill and requires treatment (less than 1%), we treat the animal back to health and sell it out of the program. Great care is taken to provide the best possible treatment from start to finish.

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Belle Brook Farms Natural Beef
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Nacogdoches TX 75964
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"A heart healthy diet containing up to 6 oz. of lean red meat lowered the risk of heart disease on the study participants, by positively impacting blood cholesterol levels," says cardiologist, Dr. Michael H. Davidson, M.D., F.A.C.C., Chicago Center for Clinical Research and lead researcher of the study. "For those individuals at-risk for coronary heart disease, consuming lean red meat is not only acceptable, it encourages compliance to a heart-healthy diet."

Dr. Davidson
Archives of International Medicine June 1999

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  • Naturally Lean
  • Exceptional taste and tenderness
  • No added growth hormones or antibiotics
  • LOWER in fat and cholesterol than chicken breast
  • HIGHER in protein and moisture than chicken breast
  • USDA & independent Laboratory Tested
  • USDA Approved & Certified
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Produced and Distributed by Belle Brook Farms Natural Beef, Texas

"Belgian Blue Beef is unbelievable. With its low fat and low cholesterol content, it's a healthy choice. I'm impressed that the cattle don't receive any antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones; this factor alone reduces the toxic and allergic properties that regular beef contains. The tenderness and succulence of the steaks awed me. What an advancement for both the food and health industries!"

James K. Loutzenhiser
Food & Restaurant Critic
Townsend Communications
Wednesday Magazine
Kansas City, Missouri

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